Connecting Arts-N-Schools

The Connecting Arts-N-Schools (CANS) series was designed to bring artists directly into the schools for a three year partnership at no cost to the schools—connecting students and teachers with the performing arts in deep and meaningful ways, offering performances that both enhance the in-school curriculum, and introduce students to worlds they have never known.

CANS provides multicultural programs in targeted public, charter and parochial schools throughout Philadelphia for grades Pre-K–12. The program has served over 60,000 young people since 2003. Recent CANS performances have featured: 

  • Flamenco Ole!
  • Gabriele Tefsa-Guma & Dancers
  • Give and Take Jugglers & Little Circus
  • Inca Son
  • Kùlú Mèlé African Dance & Drum Ensemble
  • Sharon Katz & The Peace Train
  • The Rock School for Dance Education
  • Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble
  • Usiloquy Dance Designs
  • Zen One Dance Collective

Connecting Arts-N-Schools 

Connecting Arts-N-Schools History

Year Participants
2003 500
2004 1,970
2005 6,165
2006 5,065
2007 7,094
2008 8,546
2009 8,658
2010 9,065
2011 9,125
2012 8,200

What are people saying about Connecting Arts-N-Schools?

“If not for the Connecting Arts-N-Schools Program, our students would not have the opportunity to experience music, dance and drama from other cultures. So often urban schools are not provided with the funds that provide opportunities for students to be exposed to the arts. As a result of our partnership with the Mann, our students are exposed to the arts, and have learned how to appreciate our cultural differences!”

- Carolynn Jackson, Principal, Martha Washington School

“The Peace Train was unforgettable. This powerful troupe from South Africa created an explosion of musical expression and energy in our auditorium. Our students are still referring to many of the rhythms, costumes, and excitement of this marvelous exposure! This type of programming is so valuable to young minds because it broadens their perception of life and gives them a “peek” at other cultures of the world. Please continue to create these exciting programs that inspire the youth of Philadelphia and the surrounding communities. We appreciate you and the efforts of your fantastic staff. Thank you so much!

- Ardie Stuart Brown, Director, The Spring School of the Arts

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